Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Apple will offer trade-ins for new iPhone

(CNN) -- For the first time Apple stores will soon let iPhone owners trade in their old phones for credit toward a new one, according to multiple reports.

According to Apple-centric blog MacRumors, several sources say Apple store employees are currently being trained on the new program, which could go into effect around Apple's September 10 event, when new iPhones are expected to be introduced. That would let iPhone owners exchange their older handsets for an iPhone 5S, or whatever the new phone is called.

In June, Bloomberg quoted unnamed sources saying that Apple was working with recycling company Brightstar and that trade-ins could be refurbished by Apple and resold in emerging markets throughout the world.

During Apple's most recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said he was "not opposed" to in-store trade-ins.

I see channels doing it, and I like the environmental aspect of it, and so that part of it really is encouraging to me," he said. The "channels" he referred to are third-party vendors of Apple products, such as Best Buy, AT&T and Verizon.

The blog 9to5Mac says some Apple stores, including several in Dallas, Texas, already are running a limited pilot program.

According to the reports, people who bring in an older phone, like an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S would get a gift card that could be applied to an iPhone 5. Presumably, the 5 would be added to the list of phones that can be traded in for a discount on the next iPhone.

It's not clear whether earlier models, such as an iPhone 3 or 3G, would be eligible for trade-ins, although given their limited resale value that seems unlikely.

Apple already has a similar mail-in rebate program. But the convenience of doing so in person, and walking out with a new phone instead of waiting for days or weeks, would be a big upgrade in terms of convenience.

If recent history is any guide, Apple's next iPhone will go on sale in mid- to late September and will likely to be called either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S. The company has not made an official announcement, but multiple observers expect Apple to announce the phone September 10 and begin selling it in stores about 10 days later.

The company has released a new iPhone model every year, and the release dates have all been in the summer or fall. The iPhone 5 came out in September 2012, the iPhone 4S in October 2011, and the three versions before that in the summer months.
The company is also rumored to be working on a cheaper version of the iPhone that would be sold in emerging markets. Other reports have speculated on features ranging from a larger, 4.7-inch display screen to a fingerprint scanner to an option to buy a gold iPhone.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Machines - Career / Vacancies

Machines is the largest and fastest growing Apple Premium Reseller in Malaysia and they're always looking for fresh and dynamic people... below are the positions available ... check out their website to apply...

Service Engineer
If you have superior technical ability and the customer service skills to match, this could be your calling. Key functions include hardware and software troubleshooting, planning, analysis, and customer care.
Sales Personnel To provide extraordinary customer service. Have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Apple. And can translate technology-speak into everyday language. You're ready to not just serve up information, but also inspire the next generation of Mac, iPod, and iPhone fans.
Service Helpdesk
Helpdesk are at the heart of our reputation for extraordinary customer service. You love people. Have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Apple. And can translate technology-speak into everyday language.
Merchandiser Merchandising is an essential part of the success of the Machines retail stores. If you are passionate about technology, entrepreneurial, intuitively creative, and flexible, you could make an immediate impact. We're eager to talk to people with experience as product or carrier merchants, or retail demo managers.
Mac Trainer
Machines workshop trainer provides customer training. Believes that anything is possible if you put your Mac to it — and they want the world to know it. If you've mastered Apple pro and consumer applications, you can share your expertise through workshops and one-on-one customer training.
Cashier One of the Stores Front-Liners. Making sure no one leaves without paying, and keeps them smiling after they pay for their goods. Your years of education with numbers has finally paid off and you are incredibly detailed with them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DiscoveryWeek Mid Valley Megamall, 1-5 July 2009

It's back!

Organised by Apple Premium Resellers, Mac + iPod Discovery Week is back by popular demand and will be held at Mid Valley Megamall from the July 1-5, 2009. The event will showcase Mac, iPod and iPhone 3G products and accessories. You can look out for special offers and workshops on how to create music, movies as well as edit and manage their photographs in simple and intuitive ways. Read more

Specials at DiscoveryWeek

Learn how you can turn your home movies into blockbusters. Create your movie on the fly and share it with your friends via iPod, iTunes or Youtube in minutes! Movie editing without the pain.

This booth will feature the best side to your photos! Learn how easy it is to manage your photos on iPhoto. Plus! Get a complimentary portfolio print when you visit us! Stand a chance to win an iPod nano, enquire within.

Unleash your inner musical genius. Learn how easy it is to create your own music with GarageBand. Plus, learn how to integrate Roland music products into your gig. It all starts in your garage.

App Store
Come and experience the latest locally developed mobile games and applications for iPhone and iPod touch.

Highlights: Preview Gameloft's latest mobile games such as Terminator Salvation, Asphalt 4 and many more!


Discover iPhone 3G

Experience and own the iPhone 3G. Find out about the iPhone 3.0 OS software update and some of the latest third party applications and games.

The Service Spa
Every Mac needs a little pampering once in a while. Check your Mac in for a quick complimentary check-up to ensure optimum working condition.

Centre Stage
The ultimate new way to discover your potential on a Mac. Learn about new ways to manage photos, create movies, run blogs, jam with music and more. Visit our website for the workshop schedule.

Accessories Boutique
Everything you ever need to spice up the life of your iPod or Mac can be found here. A complete bazaar of speakers, cases, softwares, hardwares and other wonderful discoveries.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

DiscoveryWeek IV: Full Daily Schedule Up!

DiscoveryWeek IV: Full Daily Schedule Up!

1 July, Wednesday
11:00am – Switch to Macs
01:30pm – Gameloft Game Previews
02:00pm – MDeC iPhone Application Developer Training Program Preview
02:30pm – “What it Takes to Become an iPhone Developer” by iTrain
04:30pm – iLife ’09
06:00pm – “Never Miss A Word” LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen Preview
07:00pm – Introducing iPhone OS 3.0
08:30pm – iPhoto ’09

2 July, Thursday
11:00am – Switch to Macs
01:30pm – iPhoto ’09
03:00pm – iWork ’09
04:30pm – iMovie ’09
06:00pm – Gameloft Game Previews
07:30pm – Introducing iPhone OS 3.0
08:30pm – iLife ’09

3 July, Friday
11:00am – Switch to Macs
01:30pm – iMovie ’09
03:00pm – GarageBand
04:30pm – iWork ’09
06:00pm – Gameloft Game Previews
07:30pm – Introducing iPhone OS 3.0
08:30pm – iLife ’09

4 July, Saturday
11:00am – Aperture 2
01:30pm – Introducing iPhone OS 3.0
02:30pm – iLife ’09
04:00pm – Performance by “Couple”
05:15pm – Performance by “Altered Frequency”
06:30pm – Gameloft Game Previews
07:30pm – “Never Miss A Word” LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen Preview
08:30pm – MyMUG User Sharing Presentations

5 July, Sunday
11:00am – Asphalt 4 Competition Finals
02:00pm – Logic Express
03:00pm – Introducing iPhone OS 3.0
04:00pm – Performance by “Otam”
05:15pm – Performance by “Qings & Kueens”
06:30pm – Gameloft Game Previews
07:30pm – Final Cut Pro

Sunday, June 21, 2009

If you're in either Facebook or Twitter , you can win an iPod!!!

There's two iPod competition going on at the moment. It's so easy to join.

The first one is to just 'follow' Discovery Week's Twitter account. How it works is that the lucky winner will be selected from their list of followers. - just click on follow if you've got a twitter account , if not , sign up an account..( everyone should have a Twitter account by now..)

The other method is to join Discover Week on Facebook and be a fan... and then , all you need to do is to write something on your exprience with either your Mac or iPod. If you've never owned one before , just let us know why you would like to use an Apple product.... and it's all here... Discovery Week Facebook Discussion Page

Below are some of the details on the upcoming event.


About the Exhibitor Booths

An Apple Premium Reseller with five outlets within the Klang Valley and one in Johor Bahru, Machines is providing a Mac Spa for Apple products. Just bring your Mac or iPod and you will leave with a refreshed and rejuvenated product. We will address your problems and questions to your satisfaction.

Mac + iPod Accessories Market
Machines is also running an Accessories Market with a wide range of accessories compatible with Macs and iPods to dress up your Mac and iPod or to help make your product more versatile than ever. We will also show you the best of the iPods and you will be able to ‘test-drive’ the iPod of your choice. Even if you already own an iPod, drop by their booth and you’ll be amazed by all the new ways you can enjoy your iPod.

Ecaz Studios
A photo studio offering professional photography and photo prints and presentation, Ecaz studio, with the help of some professional Leica cameras, is taking glamour shots of interested visitors and demonstrating the wonders of iPhoto for image processing.

Roland Music
An internationally famous brand of music equipment for professional musicians, Roland’s KL branch is showing visitors the GarageBand software and how its products integrate with the Mac, Apple’s music composition tool for home users bundled with the iLife software suite.

Gameloft is a leading international publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones and consoles. Established in 1999, it has emerged as one of the top innovators in its field. The company creates games for mobile handsets equipped with Java, Brew or Symbian technology. The total number of games-enabled handsets is anticipated to exceed four billion units by 2012. Gameloft games are also available to players on WiiWare and DS, Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade, Apple’s iPod touch and iPhones, and PCs.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maxis iPhone 3G Launch Update..

Back at home now.. what an interesting day..

The launch was great.. awesome performance by the artiste .. i forgot the violinist's name.. she's good..

the crowd was interesting.. from people who knows it all.. to people who don't know anything about the iPhone.. Aunties who want to know what is Facebook and Twitter .... A kid who got the iPhone 3G because his 1st Gen ended up in a bucket of water (and a technician said that if it were to be turned on , it'll blow up.. ahaks..) .. Uncles who pre-booked without knowing what is an iPhone.. Boyfriends who got it for their girlfriends.. someone thought that the iPhone is a Garmin with phone function..

iPhone.. is definitely a must get item for anyone.. because EVERYONE can use it..

Maxis iPhone 3G Launch Update

The view while I am taking a break .... Anyway these photos are taken
and posted using the iPhone